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The Creative Misfits

Northstorm Gaming

I have been a gamer all my life from back in the days of the Atari 2600, Spectrum 48k, Sega Master Systems to Amiga's and onto PC's. I beta tested games long before you could pay to play as it is now, First game to beta was Outrun Europe, Eve Online, Joint Ops + expansions to name a few. I was also lucky enough to be involved in Tournaments with games like Black Hawk Down, Joint Ops and Counter Strike way before there "ESports" was a thing. 

Cody's Gaming

What's up guys! This is Cody and welcome to the channel! Here I play games :) I can tend to get a little animated, over the top and random at times. All in all I enjoy making videos and being goofy. I put a lot of energy into my videos in the hopes to make people smile and laugh. Enjoy your stay!


Names C8sun (Casun) Youtuber, Streamer Doing daily videos. Part of the Creative misfits .  Always be creative and have an epic day folks..

Dralance Asguard

Where we game to our heart's content.

What We Made

What We Made is about what we made. We hope to make videos and products that people of all ages and types of hobbies can enjoy.
Anything including woodworking/metalworking and whatever else we can think of. We hope that you will be part of this community and be a part of our work.

RATTTS OvertheHill Gaming

I'm a old Gamer from the Atari days. I love to relax with a good video game. I just enjoy playing Games. I thought I would give the whole recording thing a try. I love survival games the most, but enjoy a good puzzle solving game once in awhile. It's been amazing and exciting to put out videos for the whole world to watched. Being part of The Creative Misfits is an honor. I hope you all enjoy my videos..

Cemmao Gamer

hiya all so heres my new schedule fro you all so u know when n what im uploading. if u feel like it you can always donate to me, to help with upgrading my computer :(
ARK monday & saturday
creativerse monday & thursday
Sims 3 Tuesday & Sunday
The Division friday
CSGO Wednesday
the forest Saturday
stranded deep Thursday


Evening all! 

Welcome to SparreysWorld where I will be sharing various gaming videos with you including reviews, clips and general daftness! As well as a general look into Sparrey's World.....
Ark Survival Evolved is my main game at the moment - i love it. I will try and upload at least once a week but sometimes its not possible with a 9-5, wife and kids! :) 
Hope you enjoy
Have Fun

Brew Tiem

Still to be updated

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